Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Bean Sugar

Vanilla Bean sugar is one of our most delicious creations. Evoking the comforting flavor of everyone's
favorite desserts, we use premium Tahitian Vanilla beans to make this much-loved sugar variety.
Great on chocolate brownies, cinnamon rolls, or coffee cake.
Try Vanilla Bean sugar on a bowl of sliced banana and fruit.
Sprinkle Vanilla Bean sugar on a pork chop before tossing it on the grill.
Sweeten a hot cup of coffee or rim a glass of Kaluha.
Use Vanilla Bean sugar with butter to candy walnuts.

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Vanilla Bean Sugar EC-VAN 5 oz. $8.95 812978010123
Native to Mexico, the exotic vanilla orchid blooms produce the unique and fragrant vanilla pod. Growing up a tree, the vanilla orchid is not only a beautiful plant, but also uniquely pollinated and difficult to grow, making it both a highly-valued and striking spice the world over. With an origin myth as romantic as a story about star-crossed lovers, it is no wonder that both the essence and smell of vanilla conjure dreams of exotic places and aromatic flavors. A blend of real vanilla beans and pure, organic cane sugar, Essential Cane Vanilla Bean sugar is a gourmet and innovative way to add this delicate spice to any culinary confection.