Flavored Sugar
Essential Cane is opening doors to exciting, new uses for flavored sugar. These all-natural flavored sugars are a delicious finishing touch on desserts, rimming the glass of your favorite drinks, or on the grill with meat and seafood. Essential Cane gourmet flavored sugar is what your taste buds have been longing for, a new and natural flavor experience. Our fresh and fruity flavors are made with whole fruit, berries, lemon and lime - no extracts or colorings. Our rich and savory varieties are developed with the finest gourmet ingredients such as Italian espresso beans, toasted sweet onions and Korintje cinnamon from the slopes of Mount Kerinci. The flavors are bonded with natural, evaporated cane sugar that is pure and unrefined, leaving the crystals with a beautiful color and texture. This premium sugar combined with the natural, whole ingredients used in Essential Cane creates a mouth-watering flavor pairing that is un-matched in the sugar and ingredient world today. These are truly the finest gourmet flavored sugars available anywhere. Endless possibilities, unlimited flavor, naturally delicious.