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Flavored sugar in its purest form.

Simply two ingredients. All Natural. Delicious.

Essential Cane™ sugars are naturally flavored... the possibilities abound! Let your imagination
run wild with flavored sugars available in flavors from the conventional to the extraordinary.
Flavor your coffee & tea with lemon or cocoa flavored sugar. Rim your favorite cold drink with lime or raspberry flavored sugar . Sprinkle blueberry flavored sugar on salads with a basic vinaigrette.
Top ice cream for simple elegance with espresso flavored sugar. Add our flavored sugars as a finishing touch to any dessert for a sprinkle of elegance .

Flavor is fun. Essential Cane™ is obsessed with it. Flavored sugars are incredible; why not use
the best ingredients to create them? Our flavored sugars are made from the highest quality ingredients and sugar available. Why stop with the standard flavors? Adding sweetness to a savory dish is a trick that gourmet chefs from around the world know and love. Our all natural ingredients are fused with free trade cane sugar to create flavored sugar sensations that are simple to use and delicious to taste.
Our commitment to quality often requires exhaustive searches for just the right components.
Equally important are the processes and techniques developed to produce our finished products. The result – All Natural flavored sugars that will thrill your taste buds and sweeten your kitchen.